Who I am

Convent_of_St_GallI am Naomi Cowan-Barkley, a graduate student at Western Michigan University focusing on studies in Carolingian Medieval Europe.

I decided to follow my hobby by completing my bachelor’s degree as a History major at Wright State University and loved this discipline so much that I have continued as a graduate student. My current research is concerned with Ninth Century Carolingian Lay Abbots.

Before I made that decision, I had many years of experience as a drafter/designer in mechanical engineering. This gave me a great amount of life experience as I worked, raised a family and took occasional night classes at the University of Cincinnati to extend my knowledge of  my profession.     Cowan-Barkley CV

Picture: St. Gallen Abbey, Switzerland, wikicommons                                                                                                  Background: Plan of St. Gall, (kept in the church, in public domain US)